Welcome to Nellie Doodles!

Cartoon illustrations inspired by Nellie the Greyhound.


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Welcome to Nellie Doodles!
Cartoon illustrations inspired by Nellie the Greyhound.

Hound Cushions inc floor - various Nellie Doodles Designs


Noting can dim the light Hugs one size fits all roses are red Hugs My favourite place Kiss me quick Born to Sparkle Memories Tower of hearts I'm not lazy Greyhound Logic Brindle Kiss

Stand out from the crowd with a variety of Nellie Doodles artwork on these amazing cushions.

All our cushions are digitally printed onto super soft vegan faux suede - the sort of velvety material that makes you go 'ooooh' when you feel it. 

Choose from 45x45cm, OR our awesome 95cm floor cushions, these pillows are just the right size to snuggle to on your sofa (or floor!), and are handmade in the UK. Comes complete with fibre insert, or opt for the cover only - use the cover only option if you live outside the UK.

When getting a cushion insert yourself go for the size or larger than the cushion cover - this then 'plumps' up the cushion giving a great effect.


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