Welcome to Nellie Doodles!

Cartoon illustrations inspired by Nellie the Greyhound.


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Welcome to Nellie Doodles!
Cartoon illustrations inspired by Nellie the Greyhound.


Nellie Doodles are all my own creations from the depths of my mind, inspired by my greyhound Nellie or events from every day observations of life.


About Me

Cartoons , Inspired by Nellie the Greyhound..and more, life and experiences drawn through cartoon. ...... I can draw customised cartoons of any form- just let me know what your ideas are. Prices vary, depending on size and hours taken drawing, please ask me All my Nellie Doodles are my own designs so please can I ask that you don't copy or use them for your own means without permission. For any commissions or if there is a particular image you want on a product message us on Facebook and, if at all possible, we will endeavour to add it into one of our shops. 
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